Make teaching student data learner engagement educator development more meaningful.

Amplify student voice, guide better instruction & transform learner engagement—all through one professional learning platform.

Sustainable Teacher Support—Through the Student Lens

As a year-round professional learning tool, LessonLoop illuminates student engagement in real-time.  Teachers get proven + personalized support to deliver new strategies, tailored to their classroom needs.


The result?  Better lesson engagement. Better learner relationships. Better teaching.

How LessonLoop Works

Student Engagement Surveys

  • Amplify student voice
  • Strong predictor of academic outcomes
  • Provides missing actionable data on why students aren’t learning
  • Provides daily feedback on delivery of the curriculum
  •  – Social-emotional learning
  •  – Critical thinking and collaboration
  •  – Culturally responsive instruction

Personalized Data-Driven Professional Learning

  • Real-time lesson-embedded feedback to educators on how to better connect instruction to students
  • Instructional recommendations from subject-area specialists and coaches
  • Educators receive CEUs for evidence-based PL and shifts in practice
  • Cost-effective and measurable PL and coaching
  • Easily digestible catalog of effective practice

Not Your Average Student Survey

Effortlessly capture lesson-specific survey points from nine evidence-based engagement categories. Instant survey results encourage new teaching methods and tools.

A New Approach to Professional Learning

LessonLoop gives districts a cost-efficient way for teachers to earn & track CEUs and professional development hours throughout the year.

Lessons That Make a Difference

Through real-time learner engagement analytics, coaches and administrators have an easier way to guide ongoing teacher development. LessonLoop’s accessible resources and educational community help teachers plan + deliver more dynamic and impactful lessons.

Student Engagement Survey

Quickly deliver surveys in real-time with just a link.

Lesson Engagement Report

Understand student engagement within 9 meaningful categories

Tips Knowledge Base

Peer-reviewed teaching tips for all LessonLoop users.

Personalized Coaching Tips

Every teacher is assigned an experienced Tip Master.

Continuous Professional Development

Earn professional development hours & CEUs through LessonLoop.

Streamlined Dashboard

Understand data & track engagement trends over time in one centralized place.

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