About LessonLoop

Real time learner engagement analytics and professional learning software to improve instruction and student learning

Our Goals

LessonLoop’s mission is to amplify student voice to create engaging and effective education.

Our learner engagement analytics and professional learning platform measures how students experience a lesson cognitively, socially, emotionally, and through lesson design, content accessibility, and technology use. Survey results provide educators with personalized professional learning tips and student feedback to improve class instructional strategies and engagement.

Support & Partnership

Our Beliefs

The simple act of soliciting student feedback on their engagement, paired with receiving actionable coaching Tips for improvement, offers educators the potential to dramatically improve student learning.

Research demonstrates that engaged students are more successful academically. However, it is hard for educators to know which aspects of their lessons keep students engaged, and to stay abreast of the latest research and instructional technology resources that can improve engagement.

Our goal is to help educators create more engaging lessons through our learning engagement analytics and professional learning online platform. LessonLoop offers easy administration of anonymous student surveys and generation of personalized professional learning Tips. LessonLoop empowers educators to better understand how students’ experience a lesson and receive actionable tips to improve learner engagement.

With each survey administration, educators receive personalized coaching Tips to improve student engagement at the lesson level from instructional coaches and our subject area Tip Masters. Coaches and Tip Masters leverage our Tip Engine Knowledge Base (TEK-Base), a content recommendation engine that personalizes coaching Tips to each educator’s grade level, subject area, survey questions, lesson description, and educational technology used.

Our Values

  • A student-centered learning environment
  • The power of student voice and empowering learners to advocate for how they learn best
  • Ensuring student anonymity by collecting no personally identifiable data
  • Creating a safe professional learning space for educators by keeping lesson engagement reports confidential
  • Enabling professional creativity and flexibility of educators
  • Supporting educator growth and professional learning
  • Continuous improvement based on data-driven decision making
  • The use of technology to engage students, personalize learning, and improve cost-effectiveness of instructional coaching


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