The LessonLoop Platform

Real time learner engagement analytics and professional learning software to improve instruction and student learning

The LessonLoop Platform

LessonLoop is the first company to offer educators an instant research-based measure of student engagement combined with actionable personalized professional learning Tips and proven instructional strategies to improve student outcomes.

LessonLoop’s Student Engagement Survey (SES) has nine categories used to assess learner engagement:

9 Categories

Educators can customize which categories to issue to students, while category questions are randomly generated for each survey administration. Educators have access to a national database of coaching Tips and research-based instructional strategies to save lesson planning time while also improving learner engagement by designing and delivering more effective lessons.

Are you in the Loop?

LessonLoop equips districts, schools, and educators to continuously improve student engagement and educational outcomes through learner-focused and data-driven feedback cycles.  

Recommended Use

We recommend LessonLoop is used diagnostically at the beginning of the year to identify areas of focus, and then monthy or embedded within six week coaching cycles. Our approach conforms with Byrk and colleagues (Byrk, 2015) whose approach to measurement for improvement (as opposed to accountability) includes:

  • Ongoing measurement (e.g., every two – six weeks versus annually)
  • Enabling educational change in real time
  • Is easily embedded in day-to-day work
  • Formatively signals actionable change
  • Educators are the main users
  • Data shared in a low-stakes, low-risk safe environment

Educator lesson engagement reports are confidential to them and their assigned Tip Master. All district instructional coaches who are given access to educator lesson engagement reports must be in a non-supervisory role to the educator, and sign a confidentiality agreement guaranteeing educator data and conversations will be not be shared with anyone else.

While educator lesson engagement reports are confidential, educators may choose to share lesson engagement reports voluntarily, such as in parent-teacher conferences or with their administrators, to provide evidence they are effectively engaging their students. Our Student Engagement Survey (SES) enables educators to obtain and share real-time data that aligns with the Charlotte Danielson Framework, specifically Domains 2 and 3 as shown below.

Domain 2: The Classroom Environment
    2a. Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport

Domain 3: Instruction
    3a. Communicating with Students
    3b. Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques
    3c. Engaging Students in Learning
    3d. Using Assessment in Instruction

Tips Engagement Knowledge-Base

TEK-Base is a content recommendation engine that provides personalized coaching Tips for each educator based on the student engagement survey (SES) category and question and the educator’s lesson description, grade, subject, and coaching Tip hashtags. TEK-Base also includes our research-based instructional strategies (RBIS) database. RBIS are instructional practices where research has proven their effectiveness in improving learner outcomes. Each RBIS includes links to research citation(s) and/or articles.

Tips include:

  • Student engagement goal by SES question (e.g., improve excitement, increase impact of student voice)
  • A short checklist of steps
  • Digital resources
  • Research-based instructional strategies
  • Searchable hashtags

Coaches and Tip Masters can decide whether to accept recommendations from TEK-Base or create a new coaching Tip. TEK-Base is consistently evolving, providing a go-to resource for educators, coaches and administrators with the most up-to-date instructional recommendations in the educational industry.

Features by User

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