By LessonLoop Team, April 2024

Episode 138 of a podcast hosted by the Center For Professional Education of Teachers at Teachers College, Columbia University, features Nona Ullman, CEO of LessonLoop, and Melissa Payette, Director of Professional Learning and Customer Success at LessonLoop.

Ullman and Payette speak with host Dr. Roberta Lenger Kang on the Teaching Today episode in an episode titled “Student Voice and Engagement.” They discuss transforming student engagement by using student feedback to measure engagement and increase joyful learning.

As a complement to nearly two decades of supporting teachers and school leaders, Teaching Today is an opportunity to engage in conversation with teachers, researchers, and school leaders. Now more than ever, K-12 classrooms and traditional ways of teaching are constantly changing. Teaching Today is dedicated to breaking down the problems, policies, and promising practices that define teaching today.

The episode is available on the CPET website, as well as Amazon music, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Soundcloud, and Spotify.