Get in the Loop

Engage. Motivate. Succeed.

Data-driven professional learning platform for educators to improve learner engagement in real-time

Get in the Loop

Engage. Motivate. Succeed.

Data-driven professional learning platform for educators to improve learner engagement in real-time

Our Mission

LessonLoop’s mission is to amplify student voice and equip educators
with tools to deliver more effective and engaging lessons.

Why is Student Engagement Critical?

The research is clear.  Student engagement predicts academic outcomes. 

However, it is hard to know when or if students are engaged during class. Until now, there has been no real-time measurement of learner engagement or an easy way to share instructional strategies to improve how learners experience a class lesson. 

Use LessonLoop to increase learner engagement inexpensively and continuously with timely, actionable student engagement data and real-time personalized professional learning for educators.

Our platform equips educators with real time data to understand the level of student engagement in their classes and actionable insights in nine research-based categories proven by learning scientists to improve learner engagement and educational outcomes. 

The LessonLoop Platform

We are a professional learning platform, not an accountability tool.

LessonLoop is an instructional GPS for learner engagement where educators are guided to maximize learning for students in all subjects, grades 6-12. 

LessonLoop offers educators real-time Student Engagement Reports (SES) with valuable student feedback to calibrate instruction to improve engagement. We also offer personalized professional learning from our Tip Masters, who work directly with educators to analyze our SES reports and provide proven coaching Tips and research-based instructional strategies. 

How it Works

Instantly Measure Student Engagement

Student Engagement Survey (SES)

Gain Insight to Student Learning Needs

Lesson Engagement Report

Design and Deliver Effective Lessons

Tips & Instructional Strategies

Circle Back with Students

Amplify Student Voice

Success Stories

During professional learning, educators shared their personal stories about how SES and coaching Tips motivated them to try new instructional strategies in their classrooms that they otherwise wouldn’t have, and the resulting positive impact on their students.

User Outcomes

We work with educators, administrators, and coaches to improve learner engagement by listening to student feedback.

Trust and privacy are the foundation of our platform.
Educator Lesson Engagement Reports are confidential. Student surveys are anonymous and collect no identifiable information.             Our platform supports measurement for improvement, as opposed to accountability.


Take ownership of your learning. Your voice is impactful!


  • Empowers all students with opportunities to offer feedback
  • Your feedback will lead to more interesting, dynamic lessons better suited to your learning needs
  • LessonLoop is a safe, anonymous way to let your teacher know how you can learn better
  • No identifiable information will ever be collected from students
  • Relevant, interactive lessons will help you learn faster and more deeply
  • Increased choice in assignments will make learning more fun


Gain valuable insights into your students so you can design and deliver lessons that empower them to own their learning.


  • Earn 3.5 – 7 hours of professional development per year for LessonLoop onboarding and use
  • Hone your craft with personalized coaching Tips and research-based instructional strategies from veteran educators and instructional coaches
  • Save time and improve results by replacing home-grown ad-hoc surveys with our quick, easy, research-based instrument
  • Learn what your students are thinking and better connect with them
  • Improve parent-teacher conferences
  • Increase student engagement by translating student voice into more dynamic lessons
    Educator Features and Benefits


Gain new visibility on student engagement analytics to drive systemic and continuous improvement.


  • Save time and increase your effectiveness assessing your institution’s return on investment in professional learning and coaching
  • Expand and systematize data collection of consistent student feedback
  • View student engagement trend data
  • View standardized measures of Portrait of a Graduate and 21st Century skills by school, grade, and subject
  • Understand which effective coaching tips, instructional strategies and digital resources are being used districtwide
  • Build collective efficacy around student engagement

Instructional Coaches

Empower your coaching with real-time data on how students experience a lesson. Gain access to a national community of instructional coaches and database of coaching Tips and research-based instructional strategies.


  • Save time and increase your effectiveness
  • Transform coaching conversations by starting with data on how students experience a lesson
  • Create reusable coaching Tips and expand your impact within a national community
  • Receive ongoing feedback from educators to determine your most effective coaching Tips
  • Access our knowledge base of coaching Tips, research-based instructional strategies, and community of coaches

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