LessonLoop specializes in district mapping. 

Our mission is to amplify student voice, guide better instruction, and transform learner engagement, all through one professional learning platform.

With district mapping, our goal is to help educators better connect with students.

Research demonstrates that engaged students are more successful academically. However, it is hard for educators to know which aspects of their lessons keep students engaged. LessonLoop solves this problem.

We accomplish better educator-student connections quickly and easily. Our personalized professional learning solution for the tech-enabled classroom helps educators measure and increase student engagement, receive personalized lesson-based tips, and improve educational outcomes.

Our SES (Student Engagement Survey) is a 1-2 minute online anonymous student survey or pulse check where educators choose from a bank of actionable questions that highlight areas where student engagement can be boosted. SES questions were constructed on the foundation of research-based instructional strategies and learning theory. Our survey is gamified, so students enjoy taking the survey weekly or as-needed by educators.

Based on SES question results, with each survey administration, LessonLoop’s content recommendation engine generates personalized professional learning tips for educators to improve how their students' experience a lesson within a semester, not at the end. Timely feedback allows educators to improve the lesson for their current students, who may have different needs than future students.

Schools can also purchase additional personalized coaching recommendations from our veteran educators/Tip Masters which are tailored to each educator’s grade level, subject area, survey questions, lesson description, and use of educational technology. LessonLoop reports are confidential to educators who can choose to share survey results with others. LessonLoop is a professional learning tool, not an accountability system.

LessonLoop supports educators to gauge how students experience a lesson cognitively, socially, emotionally, through lesson design, content accessibility, and technology use. Our professional learning platform then provides feedback to educators to improve student engagement based on student insights and recommended instructional strategies. LessonLoop also allows educators to create custom questions and offers a humorous poll and secret word questions to improve student engagement.

In addition to district mapping, LessonLoop helps administrators gain new visibility into student engagement analytics, averaged at the school, grade and subject level, to drive systemic and continuous improvement. LessonLoop saves administrators time and increases your institution’s return on investment in professional learning by creating a knowledge base of reusable coaching tips that build collective efficacy around student engagement.

District mapping is a key driver to improve student engagement. Students are empowered to take ownership of their learning. Shy and/or introverted students now have an equal voice participating in our safe, anonymous educator feedback platform.

LessonLoop helps educators save time, gain easy access to proven teaching methods which hone their craft, and leverage LessonLoop’s national knowledge base of research-based instructional tips. As educators use LessonLoop, they accumulate continuing education credits.

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