First to Enable Job-Embedded Teacher Professional Learning Driven by Student Voice and Engagement Data

NEW YORK – Apr 21, 2023– Personalized professional learning firm LessonLoop, which helps upskill educators using real-time student voice and engagement data,  announced its authorization as an approved New York State Education Department (NYSED) Sponsor of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) professional learning activities. This important achievement designates LessonLoop as a professional learning provider to help  New York State (NYS) teachers more effectively meet their certificate registration requirements of 100 hours of CTLE every five years without even leaving their classrooms.

“LessonLoop is thrilled to have met rigorous NYSED CTLE Sponsor standards, and even more excited to offer NYS teachers and educational leaders the first opportunity to earn job-embedded personalized professional learning driven by real-time student voice and engagement data,” stated LessonLoop CEO and Founder Nona Ullman. “We believe our program is the first to integrate real-time student feedback with expert teaching tips so NYS teachers can more fully engage their students and boost learning.”

The Research on Student Engagement

LessonLoop builds on research that shows learner engagement predicts academic outcomes (Rajabalee & Santally et. al., 2019). Student learning environment survey ratings have been demonstrated to highly correlate with student achievement to a greater degree than school principal ratings or teacher self-ratings (Hanover Research, 2013). MET Project research from 2012 shows students of educators with the most favorable student engagement scores (top 25th percentile based on survey results) learned the equivalent of 4.6 months more in math per school year than students of educators whose survey results were in the bottom 25th percentile. As a Research Partnership for Professional Learning (RPPL) affiliate, LessonLoop incorporates research into all aspects of our platform, including our learning science-aligned student survey and our instructional strategies.

About LessonLoop

A learner engagement analytics and personalized professional learning platform for educators in grades 3-12, LessonLoop improves student engagement in all content areas through a fun, quick online formative assessment of engagement. LessonLoop’s mission is to translate student voice and engagement data into instant insight and personalized tips for educators to deliver more joyful, active, meaningful lessons that yield greater student learning. LessonLoop equips educators with an easy, gamified, formative assessment of how students experience a class lesson through anonymous surveys issued as a class exit ticket. Educators have access to confidential lesson engagement reports and a searchable knowledge base of rated tips that help develop norms for effective practice. Educators receive CTLE activity hours based on system use and LessonLoop professional learning, without requiring them to spend additional time outside their school buildings. 


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